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Posted by pthouse - October 2nd, 2010

We are in pre-production for a new cartoon series and have some open voice acting spots for females. If you are interested please private-message me and I will respond with some lines for you to record and a way for you to send me your auditions. One open spot is for the female Artificial Intelligence of the space ship, and another open spot is for a human girl who is a fun/ cool punk-girl. Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing your auditions! :)

Posted by pthouse - January 9th, 2009

That's right, you heard it from Raskin... Bowser's Kingdom is over. Each of us have a load of ideas for series and short videos, and it's making it really difficult to pick one to start with. I pitched all of my ideas to a friend of mine, asking him what I should work on for my independent study, which is basically a college course that you do whatever you want and get graded for it. He picked my idea for a story about a time traveler. So for this Spring semester I will be working extremely hard to belt out a short animated film and I probably won't have time for anything else. I'm not positive how long this cartoon is going to be, therefore I do not know how long it will take to put together. For all I know I may have to do a second independent study during next Fall semester to finish my project. This means it might be a long time before I submit anything to this here portal, unless Raskin works on a toon and I'm in it in some way. Well that's really all I have to say on that note, so thanks for all the well wishes and I'll keep you all posted on my progress with the flash movie I'll be working on.

Posted by pthouse - October 14th, 2008

Sorry to say, the next episode is going to be late. Raskin and I have been working very hard on it, and for the past week have been working non-stop, yet it still isn't completely finished. We want to have something good for you so be patient. If all goes well it will be released by tomorrow (there I go making promises again). That's it for now, thanks for waiting patiently! ;)

Posted by pthouse - September 1st, 2008

That's right, we have started working on the next Bowser's Kingdom. I'm going to throw a date at you and I'll try to submit it here on that date. It should be a one year celebration, so that would make it October 14. That is the celebration of one year after submitting our first episode to Newgrounds, but not the one year from when it was actually completed. It's actually been over a year already (First episode was finished on February 28, 2007), but in spirit of our debut on this fine website we'll celebrate the year for here! Thanks for being patient, and just keep your pants on a little longer! Thanks much!

Posted by pthouse - August 16th, 2008

This cracked me up. Yaridovich7 must've put a lot of effort into syncing this together, and I must say it came out awesome. This is the dialogue we recorded for the lucky candy commercial, synced to some zelda cartoon clips.

/* */

Posted by pthouse - June 1st, 2008

I'm starting to make a platform game styled loosely like FPA World 2, only with more fighting in it and I'm having trouble getting started past where all the tutorials on the internet stop. They all show how to make a character move and use gravity and hittest to keep him/her/it on the ground... I don't want to pay money for cartoonsmart.com or anything like that but need some help. I have run into a few problems thus far...

1) Lives, meaning I had the head of the character representing the lives. I found this tutorial for lives http://www.flashkit.com/tutorials/Game s/Gaming_-Mirza_Ha-902/index.php but the reason it doesn't work for me is because I have a camera following the main character rather than the whole stage moving and the camera remaining stationary, so the way I have it if I were to use that tutorial then the 5 life symbols would be floating in the middle of the stage... not ideal.

2) When the character falls off the stage I have a hotspot for the game to go to a "retry" screen but I'm not sure what script to use for the retry button. As of now I just have it sending you back to frame one, but it'll just go back to where the character isn't on the stage, so I need the level to refresh somehow.

3) I don't have any idea how to make enemies, so far I keep finding tutorials for tile-based platformers and so the enemies are oriented via arrays, and that doesn't work if you have no array.

4) If you press the up arrow on the keyboard down, the character continually jumps up. I'd prefer the character to jump once and the person playing the game having to repeat pressing the arrow in order for the character to jump again.

5) I'd eventually like there to be items to acquire and power-ups, and I'm sure when the time comes I can find a tutorial but I'd like to fix those other four problems first and if anyone wants to enlighten me on this 4th problem that'd be fantastic also.

Thanks for reading all of that and any help you can give :)

Posted by pthouse - January 1st, 2008

Hey everyone. Just letting you all know that I just made a website for Bowser's Kingdom; you can get to it here bowserskingdom.com. I decided it was time we have a website devoted to this series rather than having it on the website for my webcomic... a webcomic that I haven't updated in a very very long time. So anyway, let me know what you think of the site.