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Brand new website!

2008-01-01 02:17:07 by pthouse

Hey everyone. Just letting you all know that I just made a website for Bowser's Kingdom; you can get to it here I decided it was time we have a website devoted to this series rather than having it on the website for my webcomic... a webcomic that I haven't updated in a very very long time. So anyway, let me know what you think of the site.


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2008-01-07 23:15:08

That place kicks ass! I'm going to go there for awhile. I love Bowser's Kingdom.


2008-01-16 15:09:06

We need more episodes, reguardless if it is Smash Kingdom or Bowser's Kingdom. It's become my new favorite series : >


2008-01-17 22:13:57

Hey it's been a while and i have to say i am glad you finally got a site just for the series man!

Still don't get how you use firework to edit sprite, what tool did you use? Well when i tried it it came out crappy :(


2008-01-19 17:38:20

did you put ep 666 on the site because i didn't see it but hey good job on ep 8


2008-01-29 21:19:09

hmm how come bK only got third place for a such a high score?

pthouse responds:

We got 3rd because on the same day we submitted that episode, the Nut Job part 2, and Fancy Pants Adventures World 2 were also submitted.


2008-02-01 18:51:02

its awsome


2008-02-06 16:03:42

Bowser's Kingdom is definitely one of the more entertaining series I've seen on Newgrounds, and they're getting progressively better. Episodes 8 and 9 had some particularly great references to the games they parodied. Come to think of it, the Dino Piranha being born from Steve and a random dinosaur makes perfect sense. I wish I had thought of that XD

Very nice new site. The design for it fits very well with the series. As captaindrbob said, I didn't see Episode 666 on there, though. Is it hidden or just not on the site?

The way you present your animations impresses me. It's difficult to make a Flash movie feel like a real show. I've made a few sprite movies myself, and I don't care what any of those sprite haters say. You're doing a fantastic job!

pthouse responds:

Thanks a bunch man. Episode 666 is between the icons for episode 6 and episode 7.


2008-02-07 20:59:37

hey your bowserkingdom eps are the best flashes i seen in years i didnt make accont until last year. dude keep it up.
Dan: I can't feel my leg
Forrest: You aint got no legs lieutenant Dan
lmao hahaha
Lucky Candy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
watch this JwM44


2008-02-10 16:49:52

The site looks cool, it fits into the comic theme .
But i need to say, that your humor is getting weak.
In the older ones, you make alot of great jokes in the whole movie, the newer ones just have alot small jokes and one big joke in the end.
Dont get me wrong, you guys are great and cool and stuff, but dont forget your humor.......


2008-02-11 20:00:07

hey while andrew is doing smash kingdom 2 your doing ep. 10 how is it going?


2008-02-24 17:21:50

how many BK are u planning on making? i hope at least 25


2008-03-08 16:42:22

are you going to pursue fbf and do some original content? Or just do Bowser's Kingdom Forever?

pthouse responds:

I plan on working more in fbf because animating like that is, in fact, my dream job.


2008-03-12 15:54:53

Wow, you and araskin500 just started submitting a few months ago and you're already popular animators? I'm jealous.

Love Bowser's Kingdom by the way.


2008-03-30 18:22:46

what's fbf?


2008-04-01 01:03:13

i love all your bowsers kingdom epidsodes! you and Mr.Raskin own

pthouse responds:

Thanks much!


2008-04-08 20:27:29

u ROCK period anyone who says otherwise is stupid and luv BK and smash kingdom and smash kingdom melee


2008-04-22 15:31:28

Looks like you need to update it. Ganondorf Kingdom is missing!


2008-04-26 00:40:22

Nice, so you started this when you were freshmen in college? I didn't expect that because the humor in your flashes aren't retarded, which the usual college dudes have a retarded sense of humor.


2008-04-28 15:43:25

The website is pretty cool and the series is awesome! If I may come up with an idea, could you and araskin make a theme song for the series. It would be pretty cool if you did. If you don't, I'm fine with that, just as long as the series continues to be as good as it is (if not better).


2008-05-04 11:45:54

Good job with your new flash. I liked it.


2008-05-04 17:17:57

I noticed from the latest SMBZ 7 preview that Jeff and Hal make an appearance in SMBZ episode 7. Thats made me look forward to the next episode of SMBZ even more. You guys rule!


2008-05-04 19:31:37

I have to say that you two are without a doubt two of the most awesome flash artists on newgrounds I have ever seen.both you and araskin are pure awesomeness.and thanks for adding Alvin-Earthworm to smash kingdom melee.the next one should be called super smash kingdom brawl.both you two and all of the animations you two have made have talent.and please send me the date Bowsers Kingdom episode two are more awesome than humanly possible.


2008-05-30 14:25:54

u should update ur blog


2008-09-14 19:01:52

love it. I love Bowser's kingdom


2008-10-11 06:02:15

ok gotta remember to go there.