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Casting Call- Females

Posted by pthouse - October 2nd, 2010

We are in pre-production for a new cartoon series and have some open voice acting spots for females. If you are interested please private-message me and I will respond with some lines for you to record and a way for you to send me your auditions. One open spot is for the female Artificial Intelligence of the space ship, and another open spot is for a human girl who is a fun/ cool punk-girl. Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing your auditions! :)

Comments (15)

ok I'm in

ok i'm in

96% of Newgrounders are males, you can ask voice actors on other websites though. If not, then try asking <a href="http://jaxxy.newgrounds.com/">http://jaxxy.newgrounds.com/</a> or <a href="http://kitala.newgrounds.com/">http://kitala.newgrounds.com/</a> or <a href="http://rina-chan.newgrounds.com/">http://rina-chan.newgrounds.com/</a> or <a href="http://sapphire.newgrounds.com/">http://sapphire.newgrounds.com/</a> .

TheMAM, you are a huge tool and a complete dumbass, all those voice actors with the exception of maybe one, are awful emotionless overrated whores, that feel that being a girl is a talent and that having a voice makes them a female voice actress. All terrible

Hey! I'm just trying to help! Thanks for the insult!

YOU'RE A DUMBA... aww who am I kidding, you're right!!! I guess these are just girls calling themselves talented. I'm sorry.

OMG its been like for ever since you have posted anything!!!! finally haha cant wait for the series i hope its as good as bowser's kingdom.

TheMAM you are stupid. Why you would even recommend someone as shitty as Sapphire is beyond my level of understanding. She watches anime and her acting shows that. If she ever plans on being a real actor she needs to watch real American cartoons like Johnny Quest and Huckleberry Hound. Please, think next time before you suggest such an untalented faggot. Heh.

In all honesty, I would audition but I'm fighting a cold right now ( and kind of just want to watch moe anime to fill the void). If you don't get any female auditions, just check out the audio portal and search &quot;voice demo.&quot; If you hear a voice you like, just send the person a PM.

Good luck!

Thank you kindly. I hope you feel better soon! Also, feel free to check back in with me whenever you are feeling better, because I'll likely have something you could voice for even if those parts are already cast.

I would actually rather call upon the males here as opposed to those few females because they can put more emotion into their production than others (except Rina-Chan, she does well despite her criticism and never heard of jaxxy voice acting).

Well it turns out that I don't need any more male voice actors; I only have female characters I need to cast for. Female voice actors are a hard commodity so it's easy to see how some ladies have found a nice little niche on this portal.

I thought you guys were dead.

Glad to see you back!

Oh cool, I love newgrounds, and I happen to be female, I don't consider myself a voice actor, but what's the harm in trying?


I could get a girl, but our audio recorders suck. I just wish you guys would make something. ANYTHING. You guys are comedic GODS. Just plugging you guys. I hope for good luck with whatever you're trying to do.

hey, when is this new cartoon series going to be ready? im curious of how is going to be like.

PTHOUSE ,if you're reading this, I just wanted to thanked both you & your associates for providing us with your work on Bowser's Kingdom. you guys may not realized this, but your previous work has managed to show that you put a lot of heart and soul into that flash animated series. you guys had shown a lot of comedic effort into this discontinued series ,& has even managed to do a lot of good since these 12 years. if you need any voice actresses in your current project, I got some candidates over at both FACEBOOK & messenger sites (just type in Stewieslaw@aol.com, friended me there, then go to messenger, connect us through a simple greeting[if we're able to connect], & then finally, inform me of which suitable actresses for your recent animated series[though I may need to warn you that not only I have like almost 4 times the amounts of candidates than required ,but also that most of them aren't as familiar to the English language like us]). as for what I'm currently working on, I hope you guys don't mind if I were to make a continuation what if series of that old series? I'll go over in full details as to why I've decided to go through with this ambitious idea of series, keep in mind that one of these reasons is that this'll be a long term benefits to both you guys's dream series, as well as doing all entertainment industries a favor regarding its controversial state of numerous mindsets (especially both gaming & animation related matters). if you guys have any concerns or interests related to my own what if sequel series, you, your co-creator (Araskin500), and the rest of the new grounds community can follow me @ these two sites above, & I'll share further info in there. until then, thank you guys for reading this message, my apologies for these sudden turn of events I caused on this chat, I'll be looking forward to our meeting, and I hope this will prove any benefits to you all, especially regarding you guys dream series. I wish you all the best of luck within the New grounds community.