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Out with the old, in with the new.

2009-01-09 13:55:38 by pthouse

That's right, you heard it from Raskin... Bowser's Kingdom is over. Each of us have a load of ideas for series and short videos, and it's making it really difficult to pick one to start with. I pitched all of my ideas to a friend of mine, asking him what I should work on for my independent study, which is basically a college course that you do whatever you want and get graded for it. He picked my idea for a story about a time traveler. So for this Spring semester I will be working extremely hard to belt out a short animated film and I probably won't have time for anything else. I'm not positive how long this cartoon is going to be, therefore I do not know how long it will take to put together. For all I know I may have to do a second independent study during next Fall semester to finish my project. This means it might be a long time before I submit anything to this here portal, unless Raskin works on a toon and I'm in it in some way. Well that's really all I have to say on that note, so thanks for all the well wishes and I'll keep you all posted on my progress with the flash movie I'll be working on.


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2009-06-13 10:59:44

Metaphor128 listen they are not makeing more smash kingdom and bowsers kingdom episodes any more u heard whats raskin said


2009-06-29 19:44:27

they moveing on to real art like flash like not sprites


2009-07-06 21:17:41

Thanks for filling my life with even more misery. But for now there's always Super Mario Bros Z and Sonic shorts.


2009-08-21 18:19:37

aw man... i miss BK... you don't have to end it! *sniff*


2009-10-12 17:24:50



2009-10-14 19:18:51



2009-10-17 00:00:06

don't see how it's moving on... you can't move on until there's something new to replace it. no flashes made (posted here at least) in a long time.


2009-12-18 00:07:32

Dammit! its been almsot a year and you havent even submitted anything or left a new post! Who knows how long it will take you to even do anything.......


2010-02-23 20:47:55



2010-02-28 01:36:40

You know, I, Jailbird408, was about to ask if I could voice Fawful in your next project. Now hearing that said project does not and will not exist, I have no idea where to turn. Can you please put a good word in for me regarding SMBZ to AlvinEarthworm?


2010-04-25 21:12:16

well whenever either of you release somethin new i'll be there to check it out! good luck!

there are a lot of ppl who need help here though, don't you all know that neither of them made SMBZ? so many are asking to continue that, that is AlvinEarthworm's geez, also stop spamming with 'plzplzplzmorebksk' they are done DONE


2010-06-04 18:20:17

no fuck no you dont


2010-06-25 20:05:40

It is sort of sad to see bowsers kingdom come to an end, But it ended before it stoped being funny, So all is well :) Good luck with your future endeavors.


2010-07-28 21:04:24

Out with the old, in with the new? but you havent done anything


2010-08-09 07:25:18

"Good luck with your future endeavors."
^Was that a wrestling reference?

Oh, uh, yeah. I want a shirt of yours but they're all MIA. But I want one.
You see my problemo?