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Out with the old, in with the new.

Posted by pthouse - January 9th, 2009

That's right, you heard it from Raskin... Bowser's Kingdom is over. Each of us have a load of ideas for series and short videos, and it's making it really difficult to pick one to start with. I pitched all of my ideas to a friend of mine, asking him what I should work on for my independent study, which is basically a college course that you do whatever you want and get graded for it. He picked my idea for a story about a time traveler. So for this Spring semester I will be working extremely hard to belt out a short animated film and I probably won't have time for anything else. I'm not positive how long this cartoon is going to be, therefore I do not know how long it will take to put together. For all I know I may have to do a second independent study during next Fall semester to finish my project. This means it might be a long time before I submit anything to this here portal, unless Raskin works on a toon and I'm in it in some way. Well that's really all I have to say on that note, so thanks for all the well wishes and I'll keep you all posted on my progress with the flash movie I'll be working on.

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Ok but when's the new one coming out?

So are you and Raskin never doing anything together again? (Flashwise I mean0
Are you both working on a new series together or idependantly?
Also, I'm sure after Bowser's Kingdom you guys will come up with even better flash movies

What I was saying with this post is that Raskin and I each have our own ideas for series and stand alone cartoons to do, but we'd collaborate together. Like Raskin has a couple of ideas for series that he will animate and write, and I'd just be a voice, and I have some ideas as well, which I would animate and he'd be a voice in as well. Our ideas are seperate but we'd be working together on just about everything. My independent study project will be all me, and if I have a part that Raskin can voice for then that would work. Thanks for reading.

NOO!!! YOUR BOWSER'S KINGDOM <a href="http://www.bowserskingdom.com/">http://www.bowserskingdom.com/</a> IS EXPIRED!!!


Yeah, I'm not about to spend money for a website since the series is finished. It's like $8 for a domain name for a year, and somewhere around $5 or more for space from the host.

This post made me very sad face.

I hope you don't get too many stupid fans here.

I knew it'd be over after the movie.

You probably heard my sorrow from raskin's page, but I wish Bowser's Kingdom could go on a teensy bit more. You will probably ignore me and won't reconsider your decision, because as far as I'm aware of, both of you were dead serious. Your own animations are something to be honored for, but turning simple Super Mario Sprites into comedy, is pure genius. Good luck to your new animation.

I personally thought the Bowser's Kingdom series, although not as impressively made as other sprite movies on the site, was very entertaining. I'm glad for the run it's had.

However, I doubt you'll be able to keep this up forever. Some part of you will want to make another sprite movie, even if it's not Bowser's Kingdom or ever put on Newgrounds. At least, that's how I feel every time I try to quit and think of something entirely original. I'm still trying, haha.

The series means nothing to me anymore.Thank you for loadingmy horrible day with even more misery.


Don't be like Egoraptor and lie to us.

You should submit under a new alias and like start over.

Hey, you guys had a good run. Never really a fan of sprite movies without too much action and a little too much talkin'; but you found a good balance. I salute your further creations.

I'm glad BK is over. Not that I didn't like it, infact I really liked it and I always like to greet my friend Steve with a nice &quot;*sigh* Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Steeeeeeeeeeve&quot;, but you ended with a bang with the movie and didn't overstay your welcome, so kudos! ^.^

Good luck with your future projects! :P

It was a good idea for you guys to end the series with a high note. I'm excited to see what you two have planned next.

Personally, I just watched your movies because you two have sweet voices, but whatever floats your boat.

Oh, and you should probably update your page, I guess.

BK will be missed, but now we can see more than just Mario paradies. Can't wait to see some new toons :)

dont kick out bowsers kingdome or just keep makin mario parodys like dat

No U!

Bowsers Kingdom had a good run, hopefully the new stuff will only get better.

what I don't understand Is why don't you make other episodes in your spare time you know for the long time fans

awww that sucks but at the same time you guys sound like you're moving on to possibly better things. I enjoyed the series greatly and wouldn't mind if at some point you guys revisited it or something but at this point...Good luck with all of your endeavors!

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