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Need help making platform game.

2008-06-01 22:57:22 by pthouse

I'm starting to make a platform game styled loosely like FPA World 2, only with more fighting in it and I'm having trouble getting started past where all the tutorials on the internet stop. They all show how to make a character move and use gravity and hittest to keep him/her/it on the ground... I don't want to pay money for or anything like that but need some help. I have run into a few problems thus far...

1) Lives, meaning I had the head of the character representing the lives. I found this tutorial for lives s/Gaming_-Mirza_Ha-902/index.php but the reason it doesn't work for me is because I have a camera following the main character rather than the whole stage moving and the camera remaining stationary, so the way I have it if I were to use that tutorial then the 5 life symbols would be floating in the middle of the stage... not ideal.

2) When the character falls off the stage I have a hotspot for the game to go to a "retry" screen but I'm not sure what script to use for the retry button. As of now I just have it sending you back to frame one, but it'll just go back to where the character isn't on the stage, so I need the level to refresh somehow.

3) I don't have any idea how to make enemies, so far I keep finding tutorials for tile-based platformers and so the enemies are oriented via arrays, and that doesn't work if you have no array.

4) If you press the up arrow on the keyboard down, the character continually jumps up. I'd prefer the character to jump once and the person playing the game having to repeat pressing the arrow in order for the character to jump again.

5) I'd eventually like there to be items to acquire and power-ups, and I'm sure when the time comes I can find a tutorial but I'd like to fix those other four problems first and if anyone wants to enlighten me on this 4th problem that'd be fantastic also.

Thanks for reading all of that and any help you can give :)


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2008-06-02 02:54:41

Wait, I have no idea how to answer those, but is it based on a series of yours or a whole new story?

pthouse responds:

It will be based on Doodlequest.


2008-06-03 18:00:45

I thought your first series to turn into game would be bowser's kingdom in a minigame game although now that I think about it doodlequest might be a good game after all
Ps what will be it's name


2008-06-08 21:33:09

You should ask some other people who have flash here: pic/2

Just state your questions in detail and see if anybody can help you.


2008-06-09 14:55:33

not that i have no offense with you making a game i was just wondering coldn't you finish bowsers kingdom 10 first andrew said you were almost done just a sugestion


2008-06-10 19:06:19

I can't program but I'd love to help anyway I can in Designing characters, levels, story ect. Please PM me if you'd like me to help.


2008-06-13 12:45:24

I cant help with technical stuff that gives me headaches but i can come with enimies


2008-06-14 00:41:53

Welllllllllllllllllll.......... while when your on the option that you can scroll the camera you should just change the backround movement. But have your person in the running motion so it looks like hes moving

"The more you know the stronger you get caussssssssse"


pthouse responds:

I avoid making the background move. Thanks for the help though. For the most part I've got the points that I listed above fixed.


2008-06-14 18:41:30

Thats awesome goodluck on the game


2008-06-21 16:09:59

I wish I could help, but you could try PMing people that have made platform game before.


2008-06-27 18:08:30

i have a question if ur quitting bowser's kingdom will the creator of super mario bros z gonna take the job cause the series cant last with out u because ur the goomba jeff

pthouse responds:

Nobody is quitting anything. I may animate another episode or something, and if Raskin keeps animating, I'll definitely still do voices. Alvin Earthworm doesn't have anything to do with the series though, so he definitely wouldn't take over for us. He's got enough on his plate as it is with SMBZ. Thanks for your concern though, haha.


2008-07-03 23:18:13

For Question 2..

I'm not reaaly sure how you have shit setup in your game, but if each level happens to be on a frame, you code add a code to the frame its on.


And you would replace with 0's with whatever the default co ords are. Just make sure its not looping.. That would cause, um problems!


2008-08-08 17:52:34

it wont let me watch it


2008-08-15 19:07:07

You have the best vids like Bowser's Kingdom.

Can you make more of Hal & Jeff episodes like:

Koopa's Kart Adventure
Bowser's Kingdom 11
Bowser's Kingdom 12 - Add another Koopa Troopa to the team and call him Simon
Bowser's Kingdom 13: The Movie


2008-10-11 06:01:41

I would recommend finishing school first.